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National Red Ribbon Week!

This year the goal of Red Ribbon week is to encourage children, families, and communities to live healthy, happy and drug-free lives! We can all help our communities by being positive, strong and brave. Children whose parents talk to them about the risks of drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs, and National Red Ribbon Week is a great excuse to start the conversation. It may be hard to know how to talk to your children, and what information you should give them. Depending on their age you should begin discussing different drugs and substances that they might hear about from their peers and social media. Below you will find some guidelines that could help:

Between the ages of 3-5 it is important to discuss a healthy lifestyle with your kids including healthy eating, sleeping and exercise.

Between the ages of 5-8 Let your child know how you feel about tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs and set family rules together. Ask them about drug-related messages they have seen or heard on T.V. and on social media.

Ages 8 and up: Teach your children how to say no to drugs, and make sure your child knows your rules about drug use and the consequences if they are broken. Help your children know they have the power to say no by building their self-esteem. Continue to keep the conversation going and to promote healthy living!

For more information please visit to learn more about National Red Ribbon Week including tips for talking to your kids about drugs.