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Young Voters

Many of our students have older siblings so I thought this might be helpful for any of those siblings who might be of voting age. The video is actually quite interesting for anyone to watch!

I received an email from Common Sense Media saying the following:

"As we inch closer to Election Day, we're seeing political ads everywhere—and so are young voters. As consumers, we are microtargeted to see these ads on every screen we set our eyes on. But how exactly does microtargeting work? Young and new voters need to understand why they're seeing political ads that are eerily applicable to their own interests, stances, locations … and other personal characteristics. Share this quick video with young voters to help them learn more about how advertisers are choosing them as their audience.

Political advertisements aren't the only content to be wary of, though. With so much election and political content circulating on social media and the news, how can we help young and new voters make sense of it all? Our Young Voter's Guide to Social Media and the News is designed to give voters—especially young voters—the tools necessary to separate fact from fiction and make sense of election news and social media coverage.

Whether you're a parent, a caregiver, or an educator, we encourage you to use our research-backed content to help young voters navigate the digital landscape this election season."