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Living the Yellow Plan

We are so happy to see our students again! So far we are having a great week. The students are happy to be here and the teachers are thrilled to have them back in the classroom. Hopefully this week a lot of their questions will be answered naturally. Many children were wondering what it would be like being back at school, especially with masks and social distancing. They are all doing a fabulous job of following procedures and we have seen some super fun and cute masks! Who ever would have thought mask fashion would be the latest trend?!

Here is the first Schoology video I made for the students to see what my page has for them. Feel free to take a look so you know where to find my contact information, lessons, and other fun things the kids can do.

Here is my virtual office that you and your student can explore. Lots of fun hidden Easter eggs!

Here is the Zones Room, which offers tools for students to use when they are experiencing feelings related to the Zones of Regulation. I teach the zones to every classroom every year. Ask your child if they remember our zones lessons from last year!