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Resource Overload!!!

There are SO MANY Covid-19 resources popping up everywhere. Try not to be overwhelmed and just explore one at a time as you need. I will try my best to highlight the most helpful ones.

Some links:

"Support Sylvania" Facebook page has been amazing for Sylvania families to support each other.

The Sylvania Schools Elementary School Counselors have put together a single website (many thanks to Mrs. Stack at Stranahan!) to provide resources to families during this school closure.

Channel 13 put together a piece for how to talk to your child about what is going on. CBS News did a story for talking to your child as well.

I'm a big fan of Second Step. They put out some good stuff.

Overall, I put my favorite links in the "Parent Resources" section of my website.

Some tips and ideas:

  • Encourage kids to find fun ways to socialize using social media (monitored closely by you!) or snail mail.

  • The Marco Polo app is super fun and allows people to video text. I have an account that my kids use to connect with their friends on their parents accounts. You can even set up group chats that don't blow up your phone! Another mom from my son's class just set one up for the entire class and the kids are reading books to each other. Very cool!

  • Checklists! Checklists! Checklists! Without creating checklists for my kids each day I'd forget everything they need to do and they would do nothing. I just make a quick google doc with things they need to do every day, and leave space to write things in if needed. I give them general timelines to complete their lists and everyone is happy (except my son who despises checklists).

  • Have open and honest communication with your child. Let them ask questions. If they seem uncomfortable then suggest they write their questions down for you. It's OK to tell them if you don't have the answers.

  • Let them know that all of their feelings are OK. (Remind them what Mrs. Hoffman always says - it's OK to have any feeling, but make sure we react safely and not mean or hurtful.)

I will add more resources as they become available. If you come across anything helpful please consider sharing!

My daughter's daily checklist. See the cute little Teen Titans Go clipart of her choice. You'll also see "quarantine journal" at the bottom. I'm making the kids write a few sentences in a notebook each day - they'll thank me when they are adults looking back on this crazy time! And yes it says "10am" to brush teeth and hair - don't judge 😂