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Me Want It, But Me Wait #controlmeself

Kindergarten is learning to handle waiting, and who better to help us out than Cookie Monster!

According to the Committee for Children, "the ability to wait is an important part of emotion management. In research on waiting skills, or "delay of gratification," students with good waiting skills tended to get higher scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) in high school and showed more social-emotional competence in adolescence and adulthood. Students can learn to increase their ability to wait by staying calm and either distracting themselves with their imaginations or engaging in a quiet, unrelated activity that will not disturb others."

In our lessons, we talked about self-control and practiced waiting quietly in line and finding something in the classroom to think about. They chose things like looking around the room for all things that are green, or finding all the letter a's, or counting the number line, etc. The kids did a great job!