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Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies

Zen Frog

This year we are so lucky to have Miss Ash come teach our primary grades the Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies program! This program is taught weekly and students learn tools to be more self-aware, focused, and calm. Miss Ash and I have discovered a lot of overlap in what we teach (things like calming skills, emotion management, impulse control) and I love that the students are getting this information from multiple avenues. I sit in on Miss Ash's lessons once a week so I can see what the kids are learning from her.

One thing in particular that Miss Ash has been teaching is "Face it and Erase It." We have been seeing students use this successfully! When we are having an uncomfortable feeling, we start by focusing on the inner space between our neck and lower belly. We make tight fists for 10 seconds. Then we feel the feeling above or below our belly button to catch it. Then we ask ourselves: Could I let this feeling go? Would I let it go? When? Try it sometime, it's pretty helpful!

Face It and Erase It

Parent information regularly comes home through Miss Ash (in the grade levels she teaches) and she is always available to answer any questions parents may have. You can check out the YouTube channel "HMHB Kids Program" or the HMHB website to learn even more!