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5th Graders & Social Media

Just a quick post - I asked 5th graders the other day this question: "If you were a parent, what would you do to keep your kids safe online?" The responses were amazing! Some said they would never let their children have facebook accounts, some said they would let their children play online video games but without headsets (so no communication with strangers), some said they would limit their time spent online to weekends only or similar, and some even said they wouldn't get their children a phone until they were in high school. I was so shocked (and proud) at these responses and thought they were worth sharing!

I was also very surprised to ask the students how much TIME they spend with media every day - whether watching TV, playing video or computer games, on their phones, etc. A handful of students spend a limited or fair amount of time with media, but another handful spends a GREAT DEAL of time in front of a screen. Great deal, as in, 4+ hours daily.

Just some food for thought! I will definitely remember to ask the "how would you keep your kids safe" question again with other topics in the future.