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The Zones of Regulation

This week the students are starting to learn about the Zones of Regulation. There are 4 groups, or zones, we use to describe how our bodies feel. We use colors to describe the zones: blue, green, yellow, red.

When we are in the blue zone, our brains and bodies are running slow. We might feel tired, sick, bored, or disappointed. I tell the kids this is kind of like a "blah" zone!

In the green zone we are feeling good to go! We might feel happy, calm, and focused. Green is the best zone for learning. We feel ready and in control. This zone feels the best!

In the yellow zone our brains and bodies are feeling tense and our senses are heightened. Yellow zone feelings might include frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed, or even silly, excited, or surprised. In the yellow zone we need to use caution and slow down before we become out of control.

The red zone is when our brains and bodies are out of control! We might experience feelings of uncontrolled anger, aggression, fear, or even elation for times when we become extremely hyped up and excited. In the red zone we have trouble making decisions and thinking clearly and we must STOP!

Ask your student about the Zones of Regulation by saying, "Which zone are you in right now?" or "What zone do you think [insert character, family member, etc] is in right now? How can you tell?" Keep in mind that all zones can be OK to experience, but there is a time and place for each. For example, the red zone is probably best saved for home, while the green zone is best for school. We might even be in two zones at once! So ask your kids to teach you about the Zones of Regulation and have a little fun with it!