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Parent Web Series

Super short videos for parents about common parenting challenges. 

Redirecting Your Child's Behavior

JAN. 4, 2021

This video by Allison Latona is called, “How to Redirect Your Child’s Behavior.” It’s simple advice you can experiment with!

A related book titled, “Redirecting Children's Behavior” by Kathryn Kvols is a great read for parents looking to further explore and address behavior concerns.

Behavior at Home vs. Behavior at School

NOV. 20, 2020

Dr. Ross Greene discusses this topic that parents are often bringing up to us at school.

Solving Kids' Problems in 3 Steps

DEC. 4, 2020

This 90 second video by Dr. Ross Greene is called, “Solving Kids’ Problems in 3 Steps.” While kids do need to learn to solve problems on their own, they are still at an age where they may need an adult to intervene and guide them through the process, especially when it comes to conflict with peers.

Losing Your Temper

DEC. 11, 2020

The advice that Dr. Mike Riera gives to parents matches that of what we teach our children at school: when you have a strong feeling, take a step back and calm down before acting. For more about Dr. Riera see his website http://www.mikeriera.com/.